Can I change my username?

Usernames on GuildChat can only be set once, and represent your unique identifier for people to find you on our service without using your phone number. To set your username, go to 'Me>Profile'. Here, you can select your unique identifier. Note that once set, you will not be able to change it.

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by using the 'Forgot Password' link during the log-in process or account setting, enter your phone number, then follow the instructions. This is also the method you will want to use if you would like to change your password.

Can I log into GuildChat on more than one device simultaneously?

GuildChat doesn't currently support simultaneous multi-device login.

Can I change the phone number bound to my account?

Currently, it is not possible to change the phone number associated with your GuildChat account.

How do I vote for a TRON Super Representative?

To vote for Super Representative, go to "Me" on to menu bar, click on "Wallet", select your preferred TRX wallet and select the icon "Vote". From then you will see a list of all Super Representatives, and to cast your vote, simply tap on the Vote button next to the SR name. You will need to have frozen TRX in the wallet to cast your vote.

What are Energy and Bandwidth?

Bandwidth: Having TRON bandwidth allows you to perform transactions on the TRON main network without paying any gas fees. Having sufficient bandwidth is crucial when using DApps such as, where you might want to make several smaller transactions without having to worry about using your TRX tokens in the process. Bandwidth is also used to cement yourself as an active member of the TRON community, allowing you to cast votes for Super Representatives.
Energy: This is a special resource used to process smart contracts on the TRON network. Smart contracts consume Energy in addition to Bandwidth, so be sure you have enough of both when moving your tokens around.

How can I use bandwidth to pay my withdrawal fee?

Every user received 5,000 bandwidth every day for TRC transactions. If you used all your resoruces, you simply need to freeze your TRX to receive more bandwidth.

Is GuildChat available in all countries?

We are working to make GuildChat available in all countries. If you can't find the app in your country app store, you can download the APK from

What are GuildKeepers?

GuildKeepers are users that keep the community a safe and friendly place for people to interact, while providing us with valuable feedback that guides product decisions. These individuals— all of whom were carefully vetted by our team—will have a special star badge on the app that indicates their status as GuildKeepers.
Interested in applying? Check out this post for full details:

How do I transfer tokens in the chat?

Open a chat, tap the arrow on the bottom left and select 'Transfer'. Enter the transfer amount and select the token you want to send. Enter your wallet password and confirm all the information on the following page. If you or the receiver do not have a compatible wallet set up on GuildChat, this operation can not be processed.

How to send GuildChat Coin Drop?

1. Go to a chat box of an individual chat or a group chat.
2. Tap the '^' icon on the left of the text input field, and then tap the 'Coin Drop' button.
3. Select a token and fill in the blanks to send a Coin Drop to your friend(s)!

Unclaimed GuildChat Coin Drop

Any unclaimed GuildChat Coin Drops will be refunded to the sender's Balance after 24 hours. Go to 'Me>Wallet>Balance' and select the token to check the history. Notice: Coin Drop messages cannot be recalled, please souble check the amount before sending one!

How many times can I open a Coin Drop?

One can only open a single Coin Drop once. The same Coin Drop can not be opened multiple times by the same user.

How to view my GuildChat Coin Drop history?

A: Tap one Coin Drop you sent or you received. Tap the 'History' button on the Coin Drop detail page.
B: Tap the 'More' button on the top right of the 'Send Coin Drop' page and select 'View Coin Drop History'.

How do I claim Coin Drops?

To collect a Coin Drop, simply tap the red rectangle when you see it in a chat. Then, if there are still drops left to claim, tap the golden button in the center of your screen. If there are no drops remaining, you will see a frowny face instead. Try getting to the Coin Drop faster next time, so you can be among the first to claim your share!

Which wallet my Coin Drops earnings go to?

All earnings from Coin Drops are automatically deposited into your Coin Pouch.

What can I do if I input the wrong password when creating Coin Drops?

You will need to reset your password by going to Wallet > Coin Pouch > Forgot Password

I recieved an TRC10 token and would like to convert it to TRX. How can I do that?

Users cannot change a token to a different one.

What are different dropped tokens in different colors?

There are two Coin Drop colors, and that depends on the token chain. For TRC10 and TRC20 token, the coin drop message will appear in red. For ERC20 tokens, the message will be in blue.

What's the minimum drop amount for each token?

To avoid heavy spamming in the groups, GuildChat has set minimum amounts to be dropped for each token. For TRC10 tokens, the minimum amount is 10. For ANTE and other TRC20 tokens, the minimum is 1. For ERC20 tokens, quantity depends on the market value of each token. If there is any token that you wish to have the minimum amount revised, please contact support.

How do I create a wallet?

If there is no wallet in your GuildChat yet, go to 'Me>Wallet' and select 'Create Wallet'. Set up your wallet password (you'll need it for every transaction using the wallet), and then copy your seed words/private key to a safe place. Note that anyone with access to your seed words/private key will be able to access all of your assets in that wallet. You can repeat the process to create as many wallets as you wish, but remember, keep your passwords, seed words, and private keys in a safe place.

How do I import a wallet?

Tap the button on the top right and choose 'Import Wallet'. There are 3 ways to import a wallet: seed words, private key and keystore. For seed and private key, you will need to set up a new password. For the keystore, you will need to enter its password in order to import it.

How do I change default wallets?

Go to 'Me>Wallet' and tap the settings button on the top right. Select the wallet you want to switch to and that will be set as your new default wallet. Please note that any transactions taking place will go through your default wallet.

How do I delete my wallet?

Go to 'Me>Wallet' and tap the settings button on the top right. Tap 'Delete'. Please note that if you delete the default wallet, the next one on your list will be set as the new default. If you do not have another wallet in GuildChat, it will simply be set to empty, and you may lose access to the features that require a wallet.

How do I backup the keystore?

Go to 'Me>Wallet' and tap the settings button on the top right. Select Backup Keystore, enter your wallet or keystore password, and then choose the backup method you wish to use.

How do I export a private key?

Go to 'Me>Wallet' and tap the settings button on the top right. Select Export Private Key, enter your wallet password, and then choose your preffered export method.

How to add tokens to a wallet?

Go to 'Me>Wallet' and tap the '+' icon next to the wallet name. Use the search bar to find tokens, or manually add them by tapping the '+' icon on the top right, and filling out the identification information for your partiduclar token.

How do I send tokens from my wallet?

Go to 'Me>Wallet', select the token of your choice, and tap 'Send'. Enter the recipient address or scan its QR code, enter the transaction amount, and tap 'Next'. Enter your wallet password and confirm all the information on the 'Confirm' page before sending the tokens.

How do I receive tokens to my wallet?

Go to 'Me>Wallet' and tap on the icon next to your wallet address. You can copy your address, or share your QR code with the sender from here.

What happens if I forget my wallet password?

You can delete the wallet and import it again. To do that, you will need to have access to your seed, private key, or key store.

Can I log into GuildChat on more than one device simultaneously to use the wallet?

To keep your wallet safe, every time you log into GuildChat on a different device, your default wallet is erased, and you will have to import it again.

Can I log in to GuildChat with different accounts to use my wallets?

The wallets are connected to both your device, and to your account. If you switch account on one device, the wallets will not be automatically transferred.

How to recharge my Coin Pouch balance?

Go to 'Me>Wallet>Balance' and select the token you want to recharge, then tap the 'Top Up' button on the page. Please note, you will need to create or import a wallet in GuildChat, and make sure there are enough tokens in the wallet to recharge your balance.

How can I withdraw tokens from my Coin Pouch balance?

Go to Me > Wallet > Balance and select the token you would like to withdraw, then tap the Withdraw button on the page. Please note, you will need to create or import a wallet in GuildChat to initiate a withdrawal. Moreover, a fixed transaction fee is required when withdrawing from your coin pouch balance, so make sure you have enough ETH or TRX tokens in your balance to complete the transaction.

How long does a withdrawal from Coin Pouch to Private Wallet take?

For TRC-type tokens, the withdrawal process takes a few minutes. For ERC-type tokens, the transaction speed varies depending on Ethereum network loads at the time of withdrawal.

It's been 24 hours since I withdrew my tokens and they are still pending. What should I do?

If it's been more than 24 hours, and your withdrawal still hasn't been processed, please send and email to Make sure to include your username, wallet address, and transaction details.

Can I withdraw any token from my Coin Pouch?

Yes. Go to Me > Wallet > Coin Pouch, then choose the token you'd like to withdraw and tap 'Withdraw' to initate the process.

Is there a minumum and maximum withdrawal amount?

A minimum amount is shown on the page, and you cannot withdraw more than the total balance of your chosen wallet (taking into account transaction fees, should there be any). Additionally, users can perform up to 5 withdrawals in a 24-hour period.

How do I post on Flow?

1. Tap the camera icon on the top right corner of the 'Flow' page, then select the option 'Take a Photo' or 'Choose from Photos'.
2. Select the photos you want to post. You can use the text input box to support your photos with a story or description.
3. Tap 'Post' on the top right when you are finished editing your post. Note: GuildChat needs access to your Camera and Album to enable posts on Flow.

How do I delete my Flow?

To delete a Flow post, simply click on the Flow image or video you want to delete, click on the icon on the top right and select Delete.

Who can view my Flow?

Only users on your GuildChat contacts list can see your Flows. You can change your Flow privacy settings to 'Public View' by going to 'Me>Privacy'. This will allow users who are not in your contact list to view your 10 latest Flows. You can also set your privacy settings to block contacts from viewing your Flows, or hide theirs.

Who can see the comments on my Flow posts?

Comments on your Flow posts are only visible to friends in common. For example: If Jared posts a Flow, and Max comments on it, Fabio can see Max's comment on Jared's Flow because he is friends with both Jared and Max.

How do I play dApps on GuildChat?

To play dApps (decentralized applications) on GuildChat, go to "Me" on the menu bar, then "Browser" and type the URL of the dApp you wish to play.

How do I add friends on GuildChat?

Tap the icon at the top right of the 'Contacts' page. Use the search feature to find friends, using either a phone number or their username.

How do I add friends to GuildChat from my phone contact list?

You will be asked if you would like to add mobile contacts from your phone the first time you launch GuildChat. You can use this feature again at any time from the 'Add Contacts>Mobile Contacts' option on the 'Contacts' page.

How do I create a group chat?

1. Press the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner of the 'Chat' page.
2. Select at least 2 contacts, and then press 'OK' to create a group.

I joined a group, but I can't find it!

Any group chats you've joined will be displayed in your main chats window, as well as on the 'Group Chat' page of 'Contacts'.

How to leave or delete a group?

1. Select the group you want to leave.
2. Press the icon in the top right corner.
3. Select the button labeled ‘Leave the Group’.
4. If you are the group owner, the button you will read 'Delete the Group' instead. If tapped, you will delete the group entirely, and it cannot be recovered.

How do I clear (delete) my chat history?

A. To delete an entire conversation directly from the 'Chat' page: On iOS: Swipe left on the chat you want to delete, then tap 'Delete'. On Android: Select and hold the chat you want to delete, then tap 'Delete'.
B. Clearing chat history from within a conversation: Open the chat you want to clear and tap the icon on the top right, then click on 'Clear Chat History'. Note: Clearing the chat history on your device will not delete your messages from other devices, only your own.

How do I block someone?

You can choose to block anyone from sending you messages or viewing your Flows. To view all blocked contacts, go to 'Me>Privacy>Blocked Users'. To block a user, tap the icon on the top right corner of their profile page, and toggle on the Block option. To unblock someone, simple tap the block button again to toggle it off.

How do I report someone?

1. Select the user from the Contacts page, or tap the users's profile picture in your conversation to open their 'Profile' page.
2. Tap the icon on the top right corner to open the 'Settings' page.
3. Select 'Report', and then choose one of the reasons from the list.

How do I delete a friend form my Contacts?

1. Select the user from Contacts page or tap the users's profile picture in your conversation to open the 'Profile' page.
2. Tap the icon on the top right corner to open the 'Settings' page.
3. Select 'Delete'.

How do I mute a chat?

If you don't wish to receive notifications from certain chats, you may mute them. To do so, tap on any chat you'd like to mute, then tap the icon in the top right corner of the window. From here, select the 'Mute Notifications' toggle.

How do I join an Official Group?

All users are automatically added to an Official GuildChat Group when they first create their account.

How do I get invited to another Official Group?

Each user is assigned to one Official GuildChat Group. This is to ensure that all users have equal opportunity to claim Coin Drops sponsored by BitGuild.

Can I leave an Official Group?

You can leave a GuildChat Official Group just like any other group. However, you will have to do it at your own risk, as you won't be able to rejoin the group after leaving.

I accidentally left my official GuildChat group and want to join again. How can I be added?

If you left an Official Group, unfortunately we can not help you to get back in. Please read the pop-up notification carefully when leaving a group.

How do I reply to a message?

To reply to someone's message inside a group chat, simple long press the original message and select Reply.

How do I tag a user in the chat?

To tag someone and have that member notified, simple long press their profile picture.

How do I pin a group chat on top?

If you have a favorite chat you want to pin on top of your Chat page, simply enter the chat room, click on the silhoette icon on the top right, and toggle on "Pin on Top". You can pin as many chats as you want.

How do I pin a message for the group?

If you are the group owner, your can pin a message for all the members in the group to see. To do so, click on the silhouette icon on the top right of the group chat, select "Pinned Message" and type or paste the desired message, with up to 1,000 characters.

How do I choose which tokens can be dropped in my group?

As a group owner, you can select which tokens you want to allow to be coin dropped in your group. To do so, click on the silhoette icon on the top right of the group chat, tap on Group Management > Coin Drop Settings, toggle off "Allow all tokens in a coin drop", and select which TRC and ERC tokens you wnat to allow. To add tokens, simple click on the + icon next to the token standard.

How do I set my group to Private?

You can choose to have a Private Group by requesting approval to join. To do so, click on the silhouette icon on the top right, and toggle on "Approval to Join Group". To see which members have requested to join your group and approve or deny, tap "Group Approvals"

How to remove someone from the blacklist?

When you remove someone from your group, the member will be automatically added to the Blacklist. To remove someone from the Blacklist, simple slide to the left on their name (for iOS) or long press (for Android).

How to remove a member from my group?

If you are the group owner, you can remove anyone from your group. On IOS, go to the group members list and slide left on the member you wish to remove and tap remove. On Android, long press the member name and tap Remove.

How do I add an admin to my group?

You can add admins to your group, if you are the owner, by going to Group Management > Admins > + icon. You can also remove admins by sliding to the left on their name if you are on iOS, or long pressing if on Android. Each group can have up to 10 admins.

Can I transfer my group ownership?

Inside the group which you'd like to transfer ownership of, go to Group Management > Ownership Transfer and search for the member you want to transfer the ownership to.

How do I apply to become a Super Group?

To apply to become a Super Group and have up to 2,000 members in your group, send us a support email and select the option "Business Proposal". In the message, please inform the following:
- Group Name
- Group ID
- Group Owner UID/Username
- Number of members
- Reason to become a Super Group

Our team will review your application and respond within 48 hours.

Need more support? Contact us.